Mami Power is not an ordinary malted soft drink…

It is a specially formulated, malted and delicious vitamin water for nursing mothers.

Mami Power

Mother's Experiences

It made me crazy when I thought I could not breastfeed.
As soon as I got home, a miracle happened. All of a sudden, I had plenty of milk to be able to breastfeed twin baby. I still breastfeed my baby.
I have a 13-month-old son…
I met Mami Power today. Even his need for breast milk has diminished after supplementary meals; I intend to continue breastfeeding up to two years of age.
Mami Power in Baku.
I was asking so many questions, “How should I use it? Before the meal or after? “ Then, it is our 3rd month now. We thank you very much.

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Events We Attend

59th Turkey National Pediatrics Congress
İBS Mother, Baby and Child Fair
Baby massage and setting up a routine with baby with Esra Ertuğrul

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